Terms of Reference of the Moon Sighting Committee

  1. To draw up standard criteria for moon-sighting in Nigeria based on the Shariah.
  2. To harmonize the Shariah and scientific methods of moon-sighting with a view to making a credible announcement of the commencement and termination of each lunar month.
  3. To facilitate the setting up of observatory sighting posts in strategic areas across the country.
  4. To identify the most effective state- of-the-art moon-sighting equipment for the Moon- Sighting Committee and recommend to GPC it's procurement.
  5. To create in-depth awareness of the movement of the moon through sensitization, enlightenment and information dissemination to the general public and the Muslim Ummah in particular.
  6. To collaborate with the Media Committee of NSCIA in organizing periodic seminar, workshop and conference on moon-sighting in Nigeria.
  7. To collate and harmonize the results of the different moon-sighting committees in the country and make monthly announcement of the commencement and termination of each lunar month through the Office of the President-General, NSCIA and the Media Committee.
  8. To network and collaborate with similar national and international bodies in actualizing the goals of the Committee.
  9. To assist new and existing mosques in locating the correct Qiblah and how to rectify in areas where errors of Qiblah locations are observed.
  10. To sensitize and educate Muslims and the general public on the dynamics of prayer times which are influenced by changes in the weather seasons.
  11. In collaboration with the NSCIA Media Committee, to advise both the electronic and print media organizations periodically on the release of prayer timing in Nigeria.
  12. To consider any other issues related to Moon-sighting, Salat timing and Qiblah finding among others as may be deemed fit from time to time.

Moon Sighting Committee