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DIN Courses

The Da’wah Institute of Nigeria (DIN), Minna is pleased to announce the schedule of her training for the first-half of the year 2016 to all interested Muslims. The calendar of the training is as follows:

Courses with dates:

1. TTC 001 – Thursday, 7th April – Monday, 11th April, 2016

2. TTC 101 - Thursday, 14th April – Monday, 18th April, 2016

3. TTC 102 - Thursday, 21st April – Monday, 25th April, 2016

4. TTC 201 - Thursday, 5th May – Monday, 9th May, 2016

5. TTC 202 - Thursday, 12th May – Monday, 16th May, 2016

6. ERP 101 - Thursday, 19th May – Monday, 23rd May, 2016

7. DRM - Thursday, 26th May – Monday, 30th May, 2016

Mode of Registration:

  • The registration fee for each 5-day course is ₦10, 000 (Ten Thousand Naira Only). However, subsidy can be made available where necessary. The fee is to be paid into the DIN bank account as stated below:

    Account Number: 2002947064
    Bank: UBA
  • Then, kindly send a mail containing your name, phone number (s), valid email address, scanned bank payment slip and the course you are registering for, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Registration closes 10 days before the commencement date of the chosen course.

DIN Responsibilities:

  • Registration fee covers the cost of conducting the course, feeding, training manual and other learning materials. All these shall be provided by DIN.
  • Participants shall be sent soft copy of the training manual once their registration is confirmed, while the hard copy shall be given to them upon their arrival in Minna for the course.
  • Accommodation shall also be provided at the DIN Hostel. However, DIN can assist in booking hotel accommodation for those who would prefer to pay for their own accommodation off the IET premises. Also, arrangement for accommodating a large number of female participants can be discussed with the DIN whenever required.
  • Each participant will be issued a Certificate of Attendance only after the completion of a full 5-day course.


  • Days of arrival and departure are not included in the above mentioned calendar for trainings.
  • TTC 001 (Shari’ah Intelligence) is a prerequisite to all other courses except ERP 101 and DRM. Thus, whoever has not taken TTC 001 will not be eligible to take other TTC courses.
  • The contents of each course are stated below for your information.
  • Spaces are limited as the maximum number of participants that the DIN hostel can accommodate is only fifty (50) men and twelve (12) women
  • For inquiry, call: 08155090054 (Isma’il), 08060410185 (Abdulmalik), or 08076496390 (Mas’ud).


(Shari’ah Intelligence)

  • History and Evolution of the technical subjects of Usul al-Fiqh and Maqasid ash-Shari’ah in the light of the sources of Islamic Law and the tools of Ijtihad
  • Schools of Thought, their approaches to Jurisprudence and what they agreed upon in their approaches
  • Absolute and Relative Certainty in proofs and evidences
  • The Sunnah in the Seerah of the Prophet and his Companions
  • Legal Maxims and the Principles of Permissibility (Halal) and Prohibition (Haram) – Qawa’id alFiqhiyyah
  • Introduction of the Higher Intents (Maqasid) of Shari’ah

TTC 101

  • Causes of Misconception
  • Jihad and the Spread of Islam
  • Relations with non-Muslims
  • The Authenticity of Qur’an
  • Is Polygyny fear to Muslim Women?
  • Is the voice of Woman Awrah?
  • Purdah & Seclusion of Women
  • Hijab Q & A
  • Steps in Islam and Dialogue
  • Islam and Culture

TTC 102

  • Towards understanding Bid’ah and Relating with an Innovator
  • Islamic Tendencies
  • Islam and Secular Education
  • The Abrahamic Faith
  • Logical Problems with Christian Doctrines
  • Is the Food of Ahl al-Kitab Permissible for Muslims to Consume?
  • Presenting Islamic Worship to non-Muslims
  • Should New Muslims be circumcised?
  • Why Follow Lunar Calendar in Islam?
  • Inheritance Law and gender Equity in Islam
  • Menstruating Woman entering the Mosque and Handling Qur’an

TTC 201

  • Islam & Cultural Imperative
  • One God Many Names
  • Authenticity of the Bible
  • Saying salaam to non-Muslims
  • Handling New Muslims
  • Islamic Law and Severity of Punishment
  • The Prophet’s Marriages (Peace Be Upon Him)
  • A Woman travelling without Mahram
  • Child Custody in Islam
  • Woman’s Witness
  • Wife Beating & Domestic Violence
  • Islamic Law & Muslim Minorities
  • Khutbah in non-Arabic Language

TTC 202

  • Living Islam With Purpose
  • Methodological Issues in Islamic Jurisprudence
  • A Woman Embracing Islam Without Her Husband
  • Accepting a Hadith From a Single Narrator - Islamic Perspectives
  • Burying a non-Muslim in a Muslim Cemetery & vice-versa - Islamic Perspectives
  • Who are the Disbelievers?
  • Women Leading Prayers
  • Protection of Places of Worship
  • The Punishment for Apostasy
  • Slavery
  • Triple Divorce

Ethical Reform Program

  • Meaning and Focus of Morality
  • Understanding Moral Development
  • Strategies for Moral Development
  • Learning Activities: Checklist of Morality
  • Implications of Moral virtues
  • Moral vices and their Implication
  • Acquisition and Application of Moral virtues
  • External factors influencing Moral growth
  • Media and Entertainment

DRM (Da’wah Resource Management)

  • Project Proposal Writing and Reporting
  • Project Management and Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Team Building (Gung Ho)
  • Public Speaking Tips
  • Delegation
  • Business and Financial Literacy
  • Financial Sustainability of Da’wah
  • Conflict Management In Da’wah
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Management of Volunteers
  • Edutainment (Name Game, Rumor, Trust Fall)