Did the Sultan mislead us by starting Ramadhān on Friday? (Part 2) By Shakir Akorede

Let me start by declaring, ab initio, that the 1441 Ramadhān crescent was sighted in Saudi Arabia and a host of other countries, as against the astronomical fiat being peddled around on the internet. It is my prayer that the coming paragraphs would put to rest the rounds of argument on Nigeria’s social media space.

Succinctly, this concluding part of my research/writing will cut to the chase by giving you the final conclusions of independent astronomical centres on 1441 AH Ramadhān crescent on this subject matter.

Of many discoveries, I was particularly confounded to find that astronomers whose scientific projections are being used as a weapon of argument by some individuals in Nigeria—who till date refute that the moon was sighted on Thursday, April 23—already published a reported which partly states that the moon was spotted in Saudi Arabia (by their own representative) on that day. It came as no surprise, however, that this report was given a “silent treatment” and was unceremoniously buried by these individuals.

While we are being inundated with arguments that the crescent could never have been seen on Thursday by anybody on the planet earth, a claim I have refuted in the first part of this article, let’s see again the astronomical facts from the International Astronomical Center (ICOP).


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