The Qiblah and Moon-sighting unit of the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) is conducting  a sensitisation and training programme on Moon-Sighting. The session is open, on first come first serve basis, to any decently dressed person who is desirous of having first hand insight and practical training in the Arts and Science of conjunction and sighting of the moon and their implication for some Islamic devotions such as Ramadan fast and Hajj.

The training will include lectures and practical work using modern technological devices. Issues to be addressed include:

  • The Laws, the Myths, the Politics and the Science of Moon Sighting in Nigeria
  • Causes and Remedies of Disparity in Lunar Calendar
  • How to truly sight the Moon without sweat


  • The goal of the workshop is to practically train participants on the Science of Moon-sighting using the latest Technology,
  • The observance of the moon as it appears at the end the month of Ramadan 1434 AH


  1. To create awareness on the importance and application of moon-sighting techniques.
  2. To train the participants on the use of modern scientific and technological equipment in moon-sighting.
  3. To enable the participants understand and apply the knowledge in determining the accurate times of Islamic events such as fasting, Eid etc.

Date: 29th/30th of Ramadan 1434, AH (7th and/or 8th August 2013)

Venue: National Mosque Complex, Abuja (on top of NSCIA OFFICE)

Time : 5:00pm

If the moon is sighted on the 29th of Ramadan ,then the session for the 30th will not hold.

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