11 Shawwal 1434 (18/8/2013)

The NSCIA is saddened by the massive waste of human lives and reckless maiming of protesting citizens of Egypt. The brutal murder of hundreds of armless civilians in the course of their legitimate right to protest is despicable and indefensible. The violation of the sanctity of the mosque in which some of the persons were mauled down is a very dangerous precedence, the consequence of which is too grievous to imagine.


The tacit support of the serial murder and the incoherent condemnation of the callous massacre in Egypt by a section of the International community are not only heartless and inhuman but also sacrilegious and demonic. Humanity stands to progress if brutality and impunity are totally eschewed. The wanton destruction of lives portrays the assailants and their collaborators as wicked and lawless. Creed, race and nationality of the victims are irrelevant in the condemnation of abomination.

The NSCIA COMMENDS Nigeria and other right-thinking nations for their principled positions on the crises and calls for concerted efforts towards actualisation of justice and Rule of Law in Egypt. Similarly, NSCIA calls on all Nations of conscience to prevail on the United Nations to intervene decisively and find an instant, amicable, just and sustainable solution to the unfolding unfortunate episode in Egypt.It is unfortunate that both the Arab LEAGUE and the OIC have lost an independent voice to be positively helpful to Egypt at this point when truth, impartiality and frankness are required of the International Community.

The NSCIA calls for cessation of hostilities;  unconditional release of the elected President Mursi and all other political detainees; constitution of an Independent electoral agency under the supervision of the United Nations; a truly representative national dialogue and an all-inclusive electoral process devoid of MOB 'democracy' and anarchy being instituted as alternative to despotism and poor Governance in certain parts of the world.

The NSCIA  sends its heart felt condolences to relations, families  and friends of the victims of the unwarranted genocide and requests  for constructive dialogue towards the quick resolution of the logjam in Egypt. The ICC needs no invitation to initiate the process of investigating and bringing to justice the culprits of this impunity.

While wishing the wounded quick recovery,NSCIA  reiterates its call on the Authorities in Egypt to halt the assault and explore reasonable dialogue to avert civil war  and its devastating consequences on Egypt in particular and the Arab world in general.

Prof Is-haq O Oloyede