Oloyede Urges Maturity in Religious Matters

Professor Ishaq Oloyode has called for religious maturity by all delegates so that the purpose of the National Conference will not be defeated.

Oloyode who refused to join issues with Pastor Tunde Bakare on comments about religious matters, implied there was no competition among the two religions, stressing that any of the faiths can make its demands without making it look like a competition.

Earlier, a Christian delegate had requested for a praying place for Christians like was being provided to Muslims, but Oloyede in an interview with reporters said people should make requests without making comparisons.

Conference Secretary Valerie Azinge had earlier promised to liaise with the management of the National Judicial Institute to provide a Muslim prayer place.

“The Assistant Secretary came in realising that in the next two hours some Muslims might be going out to observe their prayers, she then said we are talking to the institute to allocate a place for Muslims,” Oloyede said.

“She didn’t say a place has already been allocated, she only appealed and somebody now stood up and said if you make for Muslims, what about the Christians. You can just make your comments that look, while looking for the Muslims, also look for the Christians but you are making it to appear as if Muslims already have it.”

He also urged delegates to stop demanding for too much and get to the real business that gathered them together.

“I do not think we should create artificiality because we are delegates by demanding what many of us cannot even afford. I believe this is one of the reasons why Nigeria is where it is when people live artificial lives,” he said.

Culled from Daily Trust