The Muslim Solidarity Forum, a coalition of all Islamic groups in Sokoto yesterday criticised the composition of delegates to the national conference, saying only 190 of the delegates are Muslims.

It described it as a “great injustice and aggressive agenda” against adherents of the religion and called on all peace-loving Nigerians, the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, individual Muslims and organizations to boycott the conference.

Addressing journalists yesterday, chairman of the forum, Dr. Isah Maishanu, observed that the composition of delegates negates Section 14(3) and Section 15(2) of the Nigerian constitution.

The forum observed that the current composition is not in conformity with the guidelines released by the federal government for nomination of delegates as it discriminates against Muslims who according to them constitute over 50 percent of population of the country.

The guideline as quoted by Maishanu, is that socio-political, cultural and ethnic nationality groups shall nominate 15 delegates each.

Culled from Daily Trust