The Council is established to cater for; preserve, protect, promote and advance the interests of Islam and the Muslims throughout Nigeria. To this end the Council shall:

  1. Promote Islamic solidarity through fostering brotherhood and cooperation among Muslims in Nigeria and other parts of the World.
  2. Promote the continued application of Shari’ah in Nigeria and the observance of Islamic morality. The Council shall, therefore, ensure that the ideals of Islam as laid down in the Glorious Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.O.H) are adhered to by all Muslims in Nigeria.
  3. Serve as a channel of contact with the Government Authorities on Islamic Affairs.
  4. Ensure uniform observance of Islamic rites including Festivals throughout the Federation of Nigeria.
  5. Coordinate the external contacts, interests and activities of Muslims in Nigeria as individuals or groups. The Council acting thus be the channel of contact and communication with external bodies on Islamic matters.
  6. Establish and encourage the establishment of institutions of learning wherein Islamic studies, and Islamic culture as well as the Arabic language and other subjects of general professional and vocational education shall be taught.
  7. Promote better understanding and practice of Islam. To this end, the Council shall encourage Da’awah. It shall also promote the true image of Islam through the use of mass media, publications and other means.
  8. Build, manage and support Mosques in Nigeria and elsewhere.
  9. Cater for the social welfare of Muslims and others. To this end, the Council shall establish and encourage communities and organizations to establish hospitals and other health institutions, hostels, recreation centers and such other social facilities as may be required.
  10. Promote the establishment of Islamic economic system in Nigeria and encourage all Muslims to engage in legitimate economic activities. The Council shall also encourage Muslims to lead a life of thrift and economy.
  11. Hold, acquire and dispose of any property whether movable or immovable.
  12. Engage in any lawful activities in fulfillment and furtherance of the foregoing aims and objectives.