Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affiars (NSCIA)Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affiars (NSCIA)Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affiars (NSCIA)
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Alhaji Abubakar Saad, President of NSCIA and Sultan of Sokoton


20th Rajab 1445 AH

1st February 2024


The Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) cannot hold back her elation over the Judgement of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) over the case of genocide brought against Israel by the Republic of South Africa with respect to the horrific and merciless killings and destruction of the Palestinians in Gaza.

Whereas the Court did not order for an immediate stoppage to the cruelty the Palestinians have been subjected to for over a hundred days now, with the powerful nations of the world not just being indifferent, but playing participatory roles in the promotion of the fiendish acts against the defenseless civilians of Palestine in Gaza, as they have always done for over half a century, the Court has demonstrated readiness to address any issues of genocide that may be proven against Israel. It has ordered that Israel does nothing genocidal against the Palestinians. It has obligated Israel to, within one month, show proof that she is in compliance with the decision of the Court.

This decision has put all nations, whose actions are obvious endorsements of the culture of impunity on the part of the Israeli government against Palestinians on notice that they too will become culpable for any genocidal acts against Palestinians by Israel.

The Council salutes the uncommon intrepidity demonstrated by the Government and people of the Republic of South Africa, who picked up the broken threads, in a world where feelings for the suffering of Palestinians had been numbed, to weave a fabric of hope for the mortified and helpless women, children and men of Palestine. The Council hopes that the Court will find the final courage to ask for a total stoppage to the killings and destruction, which are ostensibly intended to erase Palestinians from the earth. The court must deny this fire the needed air to continue to burn.

The Council calls on the powerful nations of the world (i.e., USA, Russia, UK, France, Germany, Turkey and Canada) to do what is morally and legally right, by not just stopping the killings, but by guaranteeing the Palestinians’ right to live in dignity. The walls of hubris, domination, and oppression must be pulled down for all to live in dignity and peace.

Meanwhile, the Council hereby implores the neighbouring Arab, Muslim and other countries that are honestly, truly and sincerely committed to and stand for freedom, justice and human rights to take advantage of this historic order by the ICJ to swiftly act and save millions of Palestinians who are dying of hunger and starvation.

We should all rush to send food, water, medicine and all other essential provisions to save the lives of children, women and all innocent civilians that are being suffocated to death by the inhuman blockades of the occupying forces.

May Allah quicken the liberation of the oppressed Palestinians. May He hasten His succour to the living among them and shower His unlimited compassion, mercy and forgiveness upon their dead.


Prof. Salisu Shehu

Deputy Secretary-General

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